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Welcome! represents the web presence of Willis Greiner Photography. Here you will be able to view the landscape, wildlife and underwater photographs of Taos, New Mexico fine art photographer Willis Greiner. You will also be able to access some examples of his astrophotography and link to his award-winning web site -- A new addition to this astronomy content is Willis' photographic exploration of the 2010 Total Lunar Eclipse. Also please visit Willis' new website; this portal features his latest spectacular astrophotographs as taken from his dark-sky site atop the mesa near Taos, NM. Further global photographic exploration can be experienced by clicking through to the Photofantasia section of this web site or linking to his and Cheryl Price's unique web site. Don't miss the wildlife, landscape and astronomical Total Solar Eclipse images as seen in the African Galleries and also accessed through the wildlife section of this web site. Willis' special thanks to long-time friend, fellow river runner and nature enthusiast Sue Bellagamba of The Nature Conservancy, Moab, Utah for this profound quote now found on the African Pages:

“Africa gets under your skin and into your soul.” -- Sue Bellagamba

No doubt! What a powerful and recondite, yet almost obvious statement.

Yellowstone National Park's wildlife is observed through the lens and pen of Willis Greiner in the new Yellowstone gallery and narrative "Wolf Watching in Yellowstone's Off Seasons." These features are also accessed through the wildlife section of this website.

Please take some time to review Willis' newest images, presented on a thumbnail page. Follow this text link to access these new photographs, and make a point of sending your comments to Willis! Of special interest might also be the arctic galleries, which exhibit several stunning images of polar bears and arctic fox presented against the stark monochromatic backdrop of the Canadian sub arctic region near Churchill, Manitoba.


In the spring of 2016 Willis and Cheryl returned to Africa and toured Botswana, including the Central Kalahari, Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park. Willis has written a book Desert to Delta -- the Essential Botswana and created a new website (still under construction) dedicated entirely to this extensive expedition; click on this link to browse, review and download the e-book or PDF version; perhaps consider buying the hard copy edition (all from the Blurb website) detailing this adventure!


Click this text to access the book's dedicated website.

Click this text to access the Botswana book directly from Blurb.

In early 2019, Willis completed his second book, chronicling more than three decades of curiosity, adventure, discovery and celebration -- archived through the family's annual Christmas card. The resultant book Ghosts of Christmas Past is a compilation of the cards, and includes many additional photographs, essays and personal observations. Please click the below link to browse the book, or:

Click this text to access the Ghosts book's dedicated website or

Click this link to access the Ghosts book directly from Blurb.

In early 2020, Willis completed his third book, Yellowstone's Megafauna -- In the Wild / a layperson's (incomplete) guide to locating, observing, and photographing wildlife in Yellowstone National Park. Please click the below link to browse the book, or:

Click this link to access the Yellowstone book directly from Blurb.


In 2021, Willis completed his fourth book, a collection of stories and photographs chronicling -- as the back cover states -- a life of "navigating" towering rapids to surviving a harrowing high mountain plummet, from experiencing white-knuckle Alaskan bush flights to "An Open Window in the Arctic" -- admiring the oldest cave art on the planet and stumbling into a haphazard, yet serendipitous visit to the world's preeminent UFO researcher and his treasure trove of files -- these are the author's mostly true, often absurd tales -- the result of persevering -- and culminating in a lifetime of blindly fortunate personal escapades. Please click the below link to browse the book, or:

Click this link to access the Ringtails book directly from Blurb.

Check out Willis' underwater "Orange Cup Coral" photograph on the BBC's internet web site. It was used as part of a continuing series on the health of the Earth's coral reefs. To view the photograph and access the BBC's articles click on this text, or go to the underwater section of wins the prestigious "Literary Appeal Award!" Below are the details from beloved author Wendell Mayo:

"It's great to hear from you and to consider your new site for the award! I personally loved the narrative concerning the migratory habits of elephants over a flooded area, so moving.

Your site, Willis Greiner Photography, has won the Literary Appeal Award, a rare thing, since only about 4 percent of applicants win. The judges felt that '[The] new web site is a lovely creation; [we] especially like the understandable way in which he explains navigation, its crisp design (the contrast of black background and colorful photos), and the reverent, respectful way in which he writes about his subject matter.' "

I feature links to my books here because, frankly, I was honored some years back by the "Literary Appeal Award" as noted above. Not only was the award of some consequence, but I especially appreciated his comments concerning my essay about the elephants. I have rewritten it several times since, and it appears in edited form in the Ghosts book, linked here, appearing on page 74 of that tome.


To access the photographs presented on this site, please click on the large text links above left. You will be transported to one of the five"galleries" displaying the images of Willis Greiner. Once arriving at a particular gallery individual photographs are displayed by clicking on one of the named photos appearing in the left column. Clicking on the text link results in a large view of that particular photograph. Within the African Galleries thumbnail images are used for navigation to the larger photographs. Print, biographical and contact information is also available.

Text links on this web site are designated by blue text which changes to orange as you pass over it with your mouse. Text links are not underlined. To return to another gallery click on the large navigation text above left (this navigation appears on every page of this web site) or use the links contained in the filmstrip image map as above right and also on each page. All site navigation is additionally available as simple text at the bottom of each page.

To search this site use the convenient Google search engine below. Just click on the "search" radio button and type in your suggested search term, such as "elephant" or "narratives."

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As I have grown older and perhaps a bit wiser, I have realized that, along with photography, storytelling is my "stock-in-trade." Sometimes red wine from the south of France is involved.


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